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  • Micro-Perforated Aluminium Panel
    • This panel is made from perforated aluminum sheets with honeycomb structure aluminum foil by sandwich lamination. It is very popular for interior and exterior decoration, especially for insulated wall or ceiling systems.
    • Thickness of aluminum board is 1mm and size of micro-perforation is 0.4*0.04. Perforated ratio is typically around 1%.
    • As the air layer between the surface and base is separated by honeycomb into many closed holes, the spread of heat and sound waves is considerably limited.
    • The product have the quality of heat preservation, sound insulation, heat insulation, fire prevention, shockproof performance. At the same time, they have flat appearance, light weight, high intensity, good rigidity, superior fire resistance, durability, good decoration effects, and recyclable processing etc characteristics.
    • Honeycomb panels are widely used in airports, stadiums, the rail transit station, functional test hall, purifying workshop, hospitals, large scale business center, grand hotels and traffic noise barrier screens on the road etc.
    • Advantages : Lightweight / High strength / Good rigidity / Good impact resistance and vibration damping / Sound and heat insulation / Non-combustible / Moisture resistance / Good formability and optional / Energy saving / Environmental protection / Nice appearance / Easy to clean
    • Basic Material : Lightweight Aerospace grade aluminum alloy
    • Front Finish : Baking-type fluorocarbon paint, powder spraying, Anodic treatment of Aluminum alloys or Sublimation etc.
    • Standard Size : 600mm*1200mm*30mm
    • Formaldehyde Emission : Can meet both China & EU Standard Class E1
    • Flame Retardant : Class A
    • Noise Reduction Coefficient (NCR) : 0.85
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