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  • Wooden Micro-Perforated Panel
    • Acoustic Wooden Micro-Perforated Panels can be used as both excellent sound absorption and decoration panel with micro-perforations on the front surface. They can be easily installed with clips or stapling to wood battens.
    • Basic Material : Normal MDF, E1 eco-friendly MDF and frame retardant MDF, MgO Combination Board etc.
    • Front Finish : Melamine, Natural Wood Veneer, Laminate, Paint, etc.
    • Back Finish : Black Fleece
    • Standard Size : L600MM*W600mm / L1200MM*W600mm (alternative lengths and widths are available)
    • Standard Thickness : 12mm / 15mm / 18mm (can be customized)
    • Formaldehyde Emission : Can meet both China & EU Standard Class E1
    • Flame Retardant : Can meet China Standard Class B, BS476 Part 7 Class 1,etc.
    • Pattern 8/8/1 : 1mm Hole diameter and 8mm Hole center-to-center
    • The panel is prefinished to save time and costs onsite. It can be easily installed with clips or stapling to wood battens. For stapling, you can use just nail gun which is simple and cost-effective.
    • The panel is ideal for a host of applications including : office buildings, schools and universities, courthouses, restaurants, banks, theatres and auditoriums, places of worship, airports, hotels, and many others.
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