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  • FadeⓇ Acoustic Plaster System
    • The FadeⓇ Acoustic Plaster System is a high-quality plastering system that absorbs unwanted noise in a wide range of environments. The recipe is Swedish and manufacturing is carried out in Denmark using materials that originates from Europe.
    • There are two types of plaster systems: (1) ALBUS, a smooth finish; (2) ALBUS PLUS, which offers an alter-smooth finish.
    • Both systems can be applies on ceilings or walls (1) Directly onto a mineral wool layer fixed to a plasterboard, concrete or timber substrate; (2) Directly on a metal frame drywall system; (3) As a spray onto a plasterboard or concrete substrate.
    • Both systems are generally made with a thick backing layer of mineral wool (using minimum 40% recycled material and re-used waster products from manufacture) with one or two plaster finish layers (which are made of 76% water based cellulose and 13% expanded perlite) applied to it.
    • Acoustic Performance & Fire Testing : With NRC’s as high as 1.0 our system has great acoustic performance. The system has been tested against the EN 13823:2020 and ASTM E84 and achieved A2-s1, d0 and Class A.
    • Standard Color : Nearest NCS Color sample S 0300-N (can also be supplied in a choice of RAL or NCS color options on request)
    • The plaster is inorganic and anti-static and will keep its natural color throughout the years (No visible changes after 1000 hours exposure to UV-light)
    • Indoor Climate : With a little as 0,02 g/L VOC content & French Regulations A+ certification our products comply with the LEED reference standard.
    • Both systems has passed the test against ASTM D3273 for Resistance to Growth of Mold on the Surface of Interior Coatings (below 70% RH no growth as per ASTM D3273-16), and they are odor free and highly resistant to humidity (No visible changes when exposed to RH 80% and 100% in 40 degrees Celsius)
    • Both systems are CE marked according to the EU harmonized standard EN13964:2014.
    • Size Available : 1200mm*1200mm
    • Fiberglass Board Thickness : 15mm / 20mm / 25mm / 40mm (Other thicknesses are available on request)
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