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  • Sound Absorptive Aluminium Sheet
    • It is a completely new type of sound absorber compounded with non-woven aluminum fiber and expanded metals. It has about 40% of porosity and it shows superior broad-band sound absorption.
    • It is thin and light in weight that is just 60% the weight of aluminum plate. It does not need strong structure to mount it.
    • It is made from molten aluminum which is anti-corrosion and non-combustible.
    • Recycling capability
    • Good drainage and free from deterioration
    • It can be used for a variety of applications such as the sound absorber for reverberation control in a room, the noise barrier and noise reducer for prevention of noise pollution. The ornamental use is also available after color-coating.
    • It can be coated with pains on the surface of it for the purpose of various uses. For coating, we use an unique fluoric resin paints which show excellent weather-proof properties and also can be available to use a polyester resin paints in accordance with the purpose.
    • Can be applied office (ceiling/wall), indoor swimming pool, exhibition hall, concert hall, lobbie of airport (ceiling), restaurants (ceiling), entrance hall (ceiling/wall), skating rinks (ceiling/wall), pinball parlors, audio visual rooms (ceiling/wall) studios (ceiling/wall), various factories, laboratories for an automobile engine, laboratories for a wind-tunnel test etc.
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