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  • Slat Wooden Panels
    • Acoustic Slat Wood Panels can quickly transform any modern space, enhancing the visual and auditory aspects of the environment. The product is designed for wall and ceiling of both residential and commercial use. They are also suitable for public communities, shops and restaurants, etc.
    • The soundproof wooden panels at the bottom are hand-crafted from the highest quality material and with specially developed acoustic felt made from recycled materials with sustainably recycled properties that reduce noise levels and is an effective solution to sound absorption while reducing noise reverberation in the room.
    • Advantage : Durable / Easy to install / Can be cleaned easily by vacuum cleaner or feature duster / Handmade from high quality materials
    • Good physical stability, will not inflate or shrink due to the change of temperature.
    • Material : MDF Panel + 100% polyester fiber
    • Bottom : PET polyester panel
    • Standard size : 2400*600*21mm or customized
    • MDF Thickness : 12mm / 15mm / 18mm
    • Polyester Thickness : 9mm / 12mm
    • Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC): 0.85 ~ 0.94, SGS Test for polyester panel
    • Pattern : MDF 27mm, Edge to edge 13 mm / customized
    • Finish : Melamine / Veneer / Painting
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